Linda Penttilä, Judge Sweden

I’ve been a dog nerd since I was 10 years old. Today I have a 6year old Kelpie . I began with Rally obedience 2008 and won the first ever Swedish Championship.

I am a judge both in Swedish and Nordic Rally Obedience. I am also an instructor and rally secretary in Sweden.

Over the years I have been coaching lots of dog handlers.

I had the honor of being Team leader for the Swedish rallyteam at the first Nordic Championship in Denmark where the team reached second place – Silver. Last year 2021 we won individual gold and the team von silver. 2022 was my last year as a teamleader and Sweden won team Gold.

This year im honored to judge the Nordic championship and watch great dogs and handlers perform.

— Linda Penttilä, Judge Sweden

Pia Heikkinen, Judge Finland

My name is Pia Heikkinen and I am honoured to be the Finnish judge this year. I started to train Rally Obedience 2008 and I have been a judge here in Finland since 2014. I am also a member of the Finnish Rally Obedience committee.

There are 3 dogs in our family: 2 spanish water dogs and one medium-sized poodle. We are training Rally Obedience, Agility and Nosework nowadays. I really look forward to see every team showing their skills and enjoy working together on November in Norway.

— Pia Heikkinen, Judge Finland

Biran Binnerup, Judge Denmark

My name is Brian, I currently live with my girlfriend Anniqa, her three daughters, with my finnish lapphund Mera, Anniqas two dogs; a groendal and a sheltie as well as her two cats, on what once was a farm, near Aarhus. Mera and I are currently taking a competition break, but are otherwise competing in the Champion class in Rally Obedience. These days I judge more than I compete, but our households next dog will be mine, and I then hope to get back into competition – besides judging and competing, I am also a Rally instructor. I have previously attended the Nordic Championship as a Team Leader for the Danish team, and I very much look forward to attending on the judging side as secretary.

Brian Binnerup, Secretary Denmark

Roger Fredriksen, Judge Norway

I live in Narvik with my wife Hege and our two sons.

We have a small farm and my two most passions are dogs and mountain hiking.

I have two dogs, oldest is Blue, an 9 yo Aussie, she is Norwegian Rally Obedience Champion, and we also compete in Tracking, Obedience and Nosework.

Luci is a 2 yo Aussie, and also Norwegian Rally Obedience Champion

I started competing in Rally in 2009, been judging since 2011, judged Norwegian Championship two times and Nordic Championship once.

Looking forward to be a part of this years judges at the Nordic Championship

— Roger Fredriksen, Judge Norway