Helle Gadeberg, secretary Denmark

Rally is my sport, and is a significant part of my life as it has been for more than 15 years.
I just love to see a rally team grow. From the first shaky steps in Novice Class to the full blown and experienced teams in the Nordic Class.

Rally experience

I have been a part og the rally family since 2006 – teaching and training teams at all levels.

Back in 2006 I started training rally with my miniature schnauzer Toffefee, the plan was to do rally until she was old enough to compete in agility, BUT.. we both got hooked on rally, and never got to do much agility. She was the first miniature schnauzer to become rally champion.

Judging experience
In 2013 I judges my first official rally competition.  I have judged the national championship several times. First time in 2013 – last time in 2022.

And.. I admit it… I am addicted to rally.

— Helle Gadeberg, Secretary Denmark

Tiia Hämäläinen, Secretary Finland

I have the pleasure to be Pia’s Secretary this year. I started to train Rally-Obedience 2009. I have been a Rally-Obedience judge in Finland since 2014. I have judged close to 160 competitions in Finland and have judged in Finnish Championship competition twice. This is the first time I participate in the Nordic Championships this year as a secretary.

I have competed in Rally-Obedience with couple of my own dogs and have won the first official Finnish Championship competition in 2014. Nowadays I have two dogs at home. I have started training Rally-Obedience with my 9 months old Smooth Collie. Maybe someday I will get an opportunity to compete in Rally-Obedience with her too. 

— Tiia Hämäläinen, Secretary Finland

Beatrice Palm, Secretary Sweden

My name is Beatrice Palm and I will serve as the secretary for Linda Penttilä, the Swedish judge.

I´m a Swedish and a Nordic rally obedience judge and was the Swedish judge at the first nordic championships in rally obedience in Denmark 2019. Since then, I have judged several nordic competitions in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

I started with rally obedience 2005 and I´m still stuck with this great dog sport. Now I´m competing with my 9-year-old samoyed bitch Nelly, who is both a Swedish and a Danish rally obedience champion. She is also an American trick dog champion and competing at the second highest level in nosework.

I became a Swedish rally obedience judge 2010 and have since then judged over 100 competitions, amongst them one individual Swedish championship and two team championships.

I am a member of the competition committee of the Swedish kennel club (SKK), and I have also been a member of the NKU and FCI rally obedience committees.

— Beatrice Palm, Secretary Sweden

Ghita Fossum, Secretary Norway

I have the pleasure of being Roger’s secretary in Nordic Rally Obedience this year. Our first dog was my nanny when I was a newborn. I got my first own dog when I was 7 years old, a Cocker Spaniel. I started with rally obedience in 2004 with our Border Collie. I immediately became an instructor and in 2005 I became a judge and helped establish Norwegian Rally Obedience.

I was involved in creating the first Norwegian regulations and have since been involved in all changes to the regulations in Norway. I have also participated in all judging committees in rally obedience Norway. Now I am the representative for Norwegian rally obedience in the sporting dog committee under the Norwegian Kennel Club.

I have many different educations in dog sports and I am holding many courses around Norway both in rally obedience and in other dog sports. I have had a rescue dog, have done agility, obedience and some nose work. I have trained rally obedience with three Border Collies, one Australian Shepherd, and two Bergers des Pyrenee face rase. I judge up to 40 events per year. I have participated in one Norwegian Championship, but I have judged in 3 Norwegian Championships. Privately, I am a trained chef and leisure educator who live in Stavanger.

— Ghita Fossum, Secretary Norway