Team Denmark

Helle & Mio

My name is Helle and my dog is Myrullen’s Mio is from a breeder in Norway. He is a 10 year old border collie. In 2023 he was winning the Danish rally obedience championships in ekspert-class. Mio has been a part of the national team in 3 different dogsport, first obedience, then nordic search and now rally-obedience.

Annette & Archie

Hello. My name is Annette Jensen. I live in Aarhus with my family and our 3 wonderful dogs. Archie is a 10 years old Border collie. This is our 3. time on the Danish national team. Our best result is 2. place at Nordic Championship 2021 and 1. place at Danish nationals in 2021 and 2022. Archie is my “once in a lifetime” dog. He is so sweet and easy at home, and so intens and powerful at work. I think his favorit rally execise is “round the cone”

I just love to train and play with him.

Trine & Heydu

Hey my name is Trine ,I live on a small farm In Jutland. I live with my boyfriend and our 4 dogs and 2 old horses (yes I was the typical horse girl) When im not training the dogs, I work as a teacher, teaching math end science I started training rally about 14 years ago, but at some point I got stuck running agility for 10 years.

Around 3 years ago, I didn’t have any dogs fit enough to run agility, when I decided, I was going to train rally instead with the old agility dogs. And about 2 years ago, Heydu came along. Heydu quickly showed me that Rally was his thing, and he wasn’t going to mess around. He is the sweetest little guy you can imaging, always aiming to do his best. I sometimes belives it´s only because of the treats. Heydu (Lil´sunkiss Get A Grip Galileo) Is an Miniature American shepherd. He is still a young boy, only 2 years old. Despite that, he went from novice to national team in under a year. Non the less he is a professional thief, he believes that, if he can reach it, he can have it. His career started early. Already at the age of 9 weeks, he was on a cruise for food in serval cars, before he was caught in the act.

Anette & Asti

Intro NM 2023 Hey. My name is Anette Lind. I live nearby Aarhus with my husband and our amazing dog, Asti. Asti is a 6-year-old Labrador retriever. This is our 2. time on the Danish national team. Asti is my best friend, and I am SO grateful for every day with her by my side – and for all the adventures we experience together. Asti is a “Happy go Lucky” kind of dog, but also very sensitive, so my most important task is to make sure she feels comfortable. Besides Rally Obedience Asti also competes in Obedience, and “just for fun” we also do Hoopers. Asti just love to challenge the speed limit

As a dog trainer my intention is to be positive, appreciative, and set my dog up for success and a sense of mastery. I am SO proud to be a part of the Danish national team!!!!

Pia & Breeze


My name is Pia Grisell

I am participating with my border collie named Breeze. Breeze is 3 1/2 years old and has achieved several titles such as rally champion and super champion title

I do some nosework training, tricks, dailyday obedience training (HLT) and obedience training (LP)

Daily basis I work as a bookkeeper at Ribeegnes Dyrlæger and I also have my own dog school. 

Looking forward to meeting you all 

Karina & Noma

Hi, my name is Karina and this is Noma, my amazing sheltie who is 9 years Old. She loves to work and train, and wants everything to be perfekt, so she will definitely tell me, if I am not doing my job properly. Lets just say, that She is not afraid to speak her mind 🙂

luckily she is allso very forgiving as Long as she gets to work With me 🙂

Birgitte – Team leader

Hi my name is Birgitte. I live in the mittel of Denmark. I am honored to follow the danish team for the second time in the Nordic  competition. First time was in 2019 when we had the first competition in Denmark. 

I participated with my own dog last year and that was so exciting. 

I am looking forward to see you all in Norway in november