Team Sweden

Josefin & Pax

My name is Josefin, and by my side is Pax, a 5-year-old male Golden Retriever who is not only my best friend but also my constant companion. Pax and I share a deep bond and a mutual love for training.

I welcomed Pax into my life when he was 2 years old, and together, we embarked on our journey in Rally Obedience in 2020. In the year 2022, we achieved a significant milestone by winning the Youth Swedish Championships, a testament to the dedication and hard work we put into our training. In 2023, we had our first participation in the Swedish Championship.

Our story is a testament to the special connection and teamwork that can exist between a dedicated owner and a loyal canine companion. Pax and I are excited to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in our shared journey of passion and competition.

Åsa & Czillah

Czillah the pumi and I, Åsa, live in the South of Sweden. We spend most our time together in the forest and out in the fields, the best recreation one can get! We both love being out in the nature!

We have once again managed to qualify for the Swedish National Team and are extremely proud and happy to once again represent Sweden at the Nordic Championship – now for the fourth time.

Last year in Finland, the Swedish Team won the gold medal!

Czillah and I won the Swedish Championship 2019 and 2023 we won the Swedish Championship for teams together with the National Team mates Erica Rosendahl/Mihn and Kickan Nicolic/Öijvin.

Czillah is the oldest in the four-legged gang, she turns 11 this year, but is still lively and happy!

Looking forward to yet another adventure that my little four-legged girl takes me to :)!
Hugs from Åsa and Czillah

Lisa & Triton

This is Eldflammans Triton. He is 4 years old and he is a working golden retriever. Triton is a very funny guy, he always likes to do things with me, he is so positive and happy. He can’t travel anywhere without his teddy bear, he carries around his bear and uses it as a pillow. Triton is trained in advanced special search, he competes in obedience, healwork and rally obedience. He loves to work in the forest and swim in the ocean.

Tritons handler is Lisa. We live together with the rest of our family, my husband, son, daughter and three dogs, in the forest in the south of Sweden. Lisa has been part of the Swedish team every year, so far, two years with Tam, one

Erica & Mihn

We live a bit South of Stockholm with Three dogs ; Bitt, a ten years old Schapendoes; Thill, a seven years old border collie and Mhin a five years old border collie.

During the day I work with dogs, and I own a dog daycare.

Mhin, who I compete with, is the family’s happy pill. She i constantly happy!

Her strengths are that she is very environmenally strong, she can learn new tricks quickly and she always wants to please and so things right.

In addation to rally obedience, we do a lot of sheep herding, but also som obedience traning, hoopers and nose activation.

We have compete in the hights class rally obedience in Sweden since  2021 and managed to gualify for the Swedish championships 2022 and 2023.

She was also a part of the Swedish team last year at the Nordic championship.

This year she also became Finish rally obedience champion.

/ Erica Rosendahl

Solveig & Silas

My name is Solveig and I live in Åmål with my husband and our four dogs, three Golden Retrievers and a Border Collie puppy. I work as a veterinarian in a small clinic in my town. In my free time I am active in the local Brukshundklubb /Dogclub sitting on the Board and contribute as a dog trainer/instructor.

My dog is Silas, a six year old working Golden Retriever. He holds both Obedience- and Rally Obedience Championships but is trained in additional dog sports like hunting-retrieving and heelwork to music. Silas strengths are his energy and willing to please attitude which makes him easy to work with. He is happy, hardworking, a swift learner and my best friend. Silas started his training his first year with a focus on basic exercises, heeling and learning to understanding words and body language which has made him very focused and open in his mind to be trained in many sports. Our focus has been on having fun in training and competing and to see where that takes us. 

Susanne & Nilo

I am Susanne and together with my husband Ralf, we have a family with three children who have left
home, and we also have the joy of being grandparent’s. Our home is located in Lindome, south of

I work full time in an office. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, and we all
love spending time with our dogs. I also teach a lot of classes in rally obedience and love taking long
walks in the forest. On the weekdays you will find me at a real estate company, where I work in the
field of finance.

I have a wonderful 5.5-year-old Golden Retriever boy that goes by the name Blågul’s Rising Tide, or
“Nilo” for short. He’s a lively companion that loves training, adventures in the woods, cozy moments
on the couch, and goofing around with his 7-month-old son, Gonzo.
We’re not just focused on rally obedience; we’ve also ventured into other canine sports such as
hunting, tracking and obedience where we will excel to class 3. This reflects our commitment to
growth and challenge.

In tracking we achieved the title of tracking champion. And our most memorable moments was
winning the Swedish Championship in rally obedience in 2022.
Nilo and I look forward to sharing more wonderful memories and successes.

Kickan & Öyvind

Sofia – Team leader

Has been involved as a judge in Rally Obedience since 2007. Today is also a Nordic judge.

My own dogs are one Australian shepherd, three Yorkshire terriers and my partner has a Lapland herding dog.

I’m really looking forward to this NM with our fantastic Swedish team!

Diana – Assistant team leader

I live on the countryside outside of Stockholm with my boyfriend, chickens, bees och 2 danish swedish farmdogs Valter & Virka. We also have a horse in our family. 

I have been competing in rallyobedience mostly but also traditional obedience.

I have been competing in the Swedish Championships in rallyobidience sins 2012 with my dogs, and we have been in finals 7 out of 9 times. Together with my teammate Cilla, we have won the Swedish Championships for teams 2018 & 2019. 2023 I got the honor to judge the Swedish Championships.

I am also a judge in both swedish and nordic rallyobedience. I look forward to this Championships with this fantastic team and to visit Norway for the first time. 🙂