Team Norway

Stine & Keira

Keira is a 7 year old Norwegian Buhund who lives near Lillehammer together with her Buhund little sister.

We have trained rally obedience since Keira was little, and she is a Norwegian and Swedish rally obedience champion. We have been in the national team since 2019, when we were a reserve. After that, we have participated in two championships, and have a fourth place from the Nordics in 2022, and came fifth last year. Keira also has a second place and a third place in the Norwegian Championship. Our greatest strength is that we have a very close connection and have good bonding Keira loves to train rally, and she knows very well that she is good. She is clearly pleased with herself when she thinks she has done a good job. And at competitions, she thinks it’s extra fun to stand on the podium.

When Keira is not training for rallies, she likes to go for walks in the forest and in the mountains, lie on her lap and cuddle – and eat food!

Mette & Giggs

Giggs is a gentle and sociable Standars Poodle of 7 years. We live at Skedsmokorset just north of Oslo.

Giggs loves to train; repeating exercises to perfection and new exercises are the favourites. He has just become the Nordic Rally Obedience Champion, after a super cozy trip to Denmark with our lovely training group.

We have previously trained and competed in obedience, but in recent years all the focus has been on Rally.

Holidays and free time are often filled with tracing and obedience training for a variation. Giggs has been pre-qualified for the last 5 Norwegian Championships finals, and was also in the national team for Nordic championship in 2021 and 2022. The goal for 2023 is to show how good he really is during Nordic championship at Kongsvinger.

Audhild & Molly

9 years ago we brought a lovely little Border Collie bitch home to Stavanger. She was named Chocomate’s Harry’s Molly My, aka Molly. She turned out to be a positive and cheerful young lady who loves everyone and quickly became the joy and happiness in the family.

When Molly was 3 years old, we were introduced to Rallyobedience and were completely hooked. For the past 6 years, we have focused on this wonderful sport that both Molly and I are so fond of. I am constantly trying to become a better “map reader” for Molly and together we practice a lot on refining details. According to Molly, we can exercise anywhere, and as a rule she “demands” a small session on our daily forest walks.

Molly has been on the Norwegian national team since the beginning in 2019. Her best individual result was a 4th place in NOM 2022 (Finland). Molly has also won the Norwegian Championship 4 times.

Now we are looking forward to NOM 2023 in Norway, together with the world’s best team and audience. We meet in the Konsgsvingerhallen on the weekend 17-19 November.

Ingvill & Turbo

Zitara Star’s Ki Ares (Turbo) is a 5 year old Shetland Sheepdog. He lives with Diesel who is a 12-week-old Shetland Sheepdog and Simba the kitty. Rallyobedience is Turbo’s main dogsport, but he also trains track, search for people and obedience. besides training, Turbo is a dog who loves swimming and pulling Ingvill on skis. Turbo has a lot of energy, but still manage to work collected and controlled. This is a useful strength in rallyobedience.

Ingvill and Turbo moved up to the highest class in Norway in 2022, became Norwegian Rally Obedience Champion shortly after her debut in elite class . In the same year, they managed to take part in their first Norwegian Championship, which resulted in silver. The following year they got their second silver in the Norwegian Championship.

A year ago, Ingvill and Turbo started training according to the Nordic regulations. Turbo is a learns easy and has taken the Nordic challenges head on, and is now on the national team. We look forward to the continuation and look forward to our first championship in Rallyobedience!

Geir Ove & Snella

I am from Egersund and Snella is a 10 year old Flat Coated Retriever. Snella is a hard-working lady who is both handle environment very well and are social. We have been active in several dog sports and have also competed in LP, tracking and retriever hunting. We started rallyobedience in 2019.

Snella has been pre-qualified for the Norwegian Championship 🇳🇴 for the past three years and in 2021 we became Norwegian champions. We have been on the national team in 2021 and 23. In 2022 we were a reserve on the team.

Now we are really looking forward to this year’s big rallyobedience adventure, Nordic champioship on home ground in Kongsvinger.

Jorunn & Sansa

Sansa is a 6 year old border collie bitch and lives with her foster mother Jorun in Haugesund which is in the west of Norway. This border is a “happy go lucky”, so her tail is almost always wagging.

Sansa learn,easily eager, versatile, responsive, hardworking and loves to work together with her handler. We really like to train and learn new things together, which is why we have gradually done a lot that her handler have never done/trained before. Sansa is, among other things, obedience champion and Norwegian and Swedish rally champion. Otherwise, we like to play with a bit of tracking, various search exercises and agility. We also enjoy walking in the woods and fields.

We were lucky enough to win the Norwegian Championship in 2019 when Sansa was 2.5 years old and directly joined the national team for the Nordic Champioship in Denmark 3 months later. So we have trained Nordic Rallyobedience before and picked it up again this winter to learn more and spend more time on training, as well as working more on details.

We are looking forward to Norway hosting the Nordic Championship in November and are sure that our national team colleagues will do a brilliant job there 😊 We are looking forward to new adventures ahead!

Barbara – Team leader

Anette – Coach

Im super exited for the my 2nd year being the coach for norways national team. Rally Obedience is my favorite sport and I love working with the small details. I have one Border Collie which is 2,5 years old and is hopefully next year starting in the FCI program. My older dog Tzili, a belgian shepherd, was my entryway into rally obedience both norwegian and nordic wise.

Solveig – Coach

Ghita – Assistant

Our first dog was my nanny when I was a newborn. I got my first own dog when I was 7 years old, a Cocker Spaniel. I started with rally obedience in 2004 with our Border Collie. I immediately became an instructor and in 2005 I became a judge and helped establish Norwegian Rally Obedience.

I was involved in creating the first Norwegian regulations and have since been involved in all changes to the regulations in Norway. I have also participated in all judging committees in rally obedience Norway. Now I am the representative for Norwegian rally obedience in the sporting dog committee under the Norwegian Kennel Club.

I have many different educations in dog sports and I am holding many courses around Norway both in rally obedience and in other dog sports. I have had a rescue dog, have done agility, obedience and some nose work. I have trained rally obedience with three Border Collies, one Australian Shepherd, and two Bergers des Pyrenee face rase. I judge up to 40 events per year. I have participated in one Norwegian Championship, but I have judged in 3 Norwegian Championships. Privately, I am a trained chef and leisure educator who live in Stavanger.