Linda Haynes is this year´s photographer for the Nordic Championship in Rally Obedience. 

It will be taken photos of each competitor (studiophotos with flag background), on friday 14-16, and also each round – unless you don’t want any photos taken. If so, please let me know. Or you can let me know if you would very much like to have photos taken (then we might take some extra) 🙂  

Pictures will be shared in this Dropbox-file:


1 pc online picture 15 euro (NOK 179) 

3 pc online picture 36 euro (NOK 429) 

5 pc online picture 55 euro (NOK 655) 

9 pc online picture 90 euro (NOK 1072) 

1 pc original size picture 20 euro (NOK 238)

3 pc original size picture 53 euro (NOK 631)